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If you have blog content that never ranked or generated the traffic you anticipated, you might be leaving money on the table.

Old Content Can Make You Money!

Do you have posts that:

  • Never ranked well?
  • Didn’t generate the traffic you had hoped?
  • Need better keywords and more long-tail keywords?
  • Need to have images, formatting, links, and meta descriptions cleaned up?
  • Need long paragraphs broken up to increase mobile readability and ad network income?

I can help you avoid content decay and turn those posts into money-makers!

Why Refresh Your Old or Underperforming Content?

  • Using more targeted keywords and up-to-date SEO techniques can help your content achieve a better click-through rate
  • Fresh, up-to-date content often ranks higher in search engine algorithms
  • Formatting your posts with proper image sizes, subheadings, and paragraph length makes for a better user experience and better ad placement – making you more money

I can help you maximize the hard work you’ve already done!

My REFRESH Services Will:

  • Help you identify which of your old posts are worth refreshing by data mining your Google Analytics reports.
  • Find the right keywords to target
  • Ensure proper sentence and paragraph length
  • Check for broken links, image alt tags, and update meta description
  • Revitalize the earning potential (ad network and/or affiliate income) of your old posts

I can help you identify the best posts to refresh!

Put my experience and success to work for you.

I’m Shannon Entin and I blog at I’ve been blogging since 2005 and writing professionally for over 25 years. I’m also an SEO and site speed nerd – constantly educating myself. Because of that, I enjoy 75,000+ page views a month to my blog, plus the ad, product, and affiliate income that comes with that. And I don’t need to produce a lot of new content.

There’s a secret to my success.

I know that successful bloggers have to wear so many hats. But I enjoy the detailed “grunt work” that many bloggers loathe, like:

  • finding killer keywords
  • Google Analytics/Search Console data mining
  • editing/updating copy
  • staying on top of the latest trends in SEO
  • optimizing ad network income
  • updating social media and meta descriptions
  • checking for broken and internal links
  • and even proofreading

Let me take these tiresome tasks off your plate and help you transform your older or underperforming content into fresh traffic generation machines.

Content REFRESH Services Available:

Analysis of your Google Analytics and Search Console accounts to determine the posts that are the strongest candidates to refresh based on your goals.

Finding optimal keywords for your target audience and ensuring those keywords and related phrases are used in the right places throughout your posts.

Checking broken links, internal links, image alt tags, heading structure, image alignment, meta description, social media sharing descriptions, and Pinterest images. Converting Classic Editor posts to Gutenberg blocks is included.

Optimizing sentence and paragraph length for maximum mobile-friendliness and ad placement, and doing a basic proofreading/grammar check.


Striking Distance Audit

Boost posts that are within “striking distance” of page one of Google!

I’ll uncover your top 20 posts that Google likes, but with some updating, Google will love.

These are posts that already receive decent traffic, but generally rank in the 9-19 position in search results and have lower click-through rates.

You’ll get a spreadsheet of your top 20 “striking distance” posts with 6-month data for impressions, CTR, bounce rate, and average position.

Striking Distance Audit = $175


Review, revamp, and revitalize your content!

I’ll add target and long-tail keywords. I’ll check links, images, formatting, meta and social media descriptions. I’ll optimize paragraph length and proofread. If needed, I’ll convert Classic Editor posts to Gutenberg blocks.

** Pricing is for posts less than 1,500 words. A custom quote will be provided for longer posts.

  • Single post = $60
  • 10 posts = $500

Need to increase the length and update your old posts with new information? Contact me for a custom quote on editing/rewriting.

Content Add-Ons

Content Management Report: I will create a spreadsheet of ALL your blog posts with URL, title, and date published. If you have the Yoast or RankMath plugin installed, the spreadsheet will also include focus keywords and meta descriptions. This spreadsheet is pure GOLD – providing you with a full record of your content and helping you track future updates and social media sharing. $99

Publishing New Posts (the RIGHT WAY!): Do you have posts written, but no time to set them up in WordPress with proper keywords, optimized images and alt tags, subheads, meta info, and Pinterest images? Let me do it for you! $65/post

Need a Full Content Audit? I can analyze your entire blog and suggest which posts should be updated, combined, deleted, or left as-is. Contact me below for a custom quote.

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